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MySQL : MySQL 4.1.5 リリース
投稿者: tateyan 投稿日時: 2004-9-22 2:33:17 (14283 ヒット)

MySQL 4.1.5 (gamma) がリリースされました

News from the ChangeLog:

Functionality added or changed:

* The Windows Installer packages are now making use of the Windows
Installer (MSI) and include a new MySQL Server Instance Configuration
Wizard that can be used to easily generate an optimized server
configuration and to apply core security settings.
* InnoDB: Added configuration option innodb_autoextend_increment for
setting the size in megabytes by which InnoDB tablespaces are
extended when they become full. The default value is 8,
corresponding to the fixed increment of 8MB in previous versions
of MySQL.

Bugs fixed:
* Fixed name resolving of external fields of subqueries if subquery
placed in select list of query with grouping. (Bug #5326)
* Fixed detection of using same table for updating and selecting in
multi-update queries. (Bug #5455)
* The values of the max_sort_length, sql_mode, and
group_concat_max_len system variables now are stored in the query
cache with other query information to avoid returning an incorrect
result from the query cache. (Bug #5394) (Bug #5515)
* Fixed syntax analyzer with sql_mode=IGNORE_SPACE. It happened to
take phrases like default .07 as identifier.identifier. (Bug
* Fixed illegal internal field length of user variables of integer
type. This showed up when creating a table as select @variable.
(Bug #4788)
* Fixed a buffer overflow in prepared statements API
(libmysqlclient) when a statement containing thousands of
placeholders was executed. (Bug #5194)
* Fixed a bug in the server when after reaching a certain limit of
prepared statements per connection (97), statement ids began to
overlap, so occasionally wrong statements were chosen for
execution. (Bug #5399)
* Fixed a bug in prepared statements when LIKE used with arguments
in different character sets crashed server on first execute. (Bug
* Fixed a bug in prepared statements when providing '0000-00-00'
date to a parameter lead to server crash. (Bug #4231, Bug #4562)
* Fixed a bug in OPTIMIZE TABLE that could cause table corruption on
FULLTEXT indexes. (Bug #5327)
* InnoDB: Fixed a bug that InnoDB only allowed a maximum of 1000
connections inside InnoDB at the same time. A higher number could
cause an assertion failure in sync0arr.c, line 384. Now we allow
1000, 10000, or 50000, depending on the buffer pool size. (Bug

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